Well Control Valves - Gulf Engineering Services Ltd | Trinidad & Tobago
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Well Control Valves

Gulf Engineering Services Ltd. provides safety valves, which play an integral part for well control in the oil and gas industry. These valves are used to restrict or divert the flow depending on the valve type and well condition.

  1. IBOP – This valve is a non-return valve (check valve) allowing pumping through the valve into the drill string but it prevents upward flow and the more widely used type is “dart-type”. The dart is used to hold the tool open therefore it is possible to stab the valve while the fluid is flowing through the drill pipe.
  2. FOSV (Kelly Valve) – This is a ball valve designed for high-pressure condition, which can hold pressure from both directions. It is called “Full Opening Safety Valve” because when the ball valve is opened; the flow path through the valve has a smooth inside diameter.