ABOUT US - Gulf Engineering Services Ltd | Trinidad & Tobago
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About Us


Gulf Engineering Services Ltd. was founded in 1977 as a Machine Shop for the local oil field and energy sector. Over the years, Gulf Engineering Services Ltd. has evolved into a one-stop shop, providing a wide range of products and services to the oil, gas and associated industries industries of Trinidad and neighbouring countries. The company operates as a family enterprise and is registered under the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.


vision (1)

Gulf Engineering Services Ltd. strives to be the leading Trinidad-based supplier of a comprehensive range of products and services to support the local and international energy sector.
Our goal is to be recognized for our commitment to our clients, our quality of products, our value within the industry and our company culture.


mission (1)

Gulf Engineering Services Ltd. is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers by adhering to rigorous industry standards and through innovative practices which allow us to advance our business and effectively meet the demands of the ever-changing energy sector.



Health + Safety:

Maintaining a high level of safety within our workplace, ensuring that our employees, clients, contractors and the environment are always protected.


Adhering to ethical business practices, which include honesty, transparency and professionalism.

Customer Focused:

Forecasting and fulfilling the needs of customers quickly and dynamically.

Continuous Improvement:

Evolving the business through feedback processes and constant training of management and employees to drive development

How We Do Business:

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Our History

End to end, Gulf Engineering Services Ltd’s family history stretches back over three generations in the oil field and machine shop work industry.


Gulf Engineering Services Limited was founded in 1977

  • 500 square feet of Office space
  • 3000 square feet of Shop/Manufacturing space
  • One Manual Lathe
  • One Drill Press


  • API Certification (1986)
  • API Monogram 5CT
  • API Monogram 7-1
  • API Monogram 6A
  • Hunting Energy Licensee


  • First CNC Lathe
  • JFE Steel Licensee
  • Grant Prideco Licensee
  • ISO Certification (9001:2008)


  • Tenaris Blue Licensee
  • Full Rotation Torque Turn Machine Installed
  • Buck-on Facility
  • Hydrostatic Testing Facility


  • Tenaris Hydril Licensee
  • 8 CNC Lathes
  • 2 CNC Mills
  • 5 Manual Lathes
  • API Q1 Certification